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What is
Project Health Insight™

Project Health Insight™ combines a globally validated survey tool and platform to provide powerful insights to unlock your projects potential.


It provides leaders with:

  • Insight on how your project people think, feel and act.
  • A lead indicator of project challenges.
  • Insights into every organisations’ health on the project.
  • Root cause analysis of where, who and why project problems are emerging.


Three Tools
– One Platform

1: Human and Organisation Insight

The platform measures dimensions that underpin your projects culture, engagement and health.

Understand the project culture you are creating and its impact on your project people.

Unpack your leaders performance and their impact on the project.

Discover where roles are set up for success and where ambiguity is clouding performance.

Get attuned to the physical and mental health status of your people.

Hand pick a selection of additional question banks important for your project.

2: Success Confidence Insight

Track changes in your people’s confidence to hit key project lead indicators including cost, schedule, timeline, innovation, risk, safety. Add additional indicators relevant to your project.

3: Root Causes Insight

Pin-point the root causes of your project strengths and reasons behind project problems with two measures.

Modus Operandi is a summary of an organisation's style of organising, behaving and thinking. Our unique MO measure highlights similarities and differences giving you new insight into how to collaborate better to achieve project goals.

The Matrix platform allows you to pin-point exactly which teams or organisations in your project need support and attention. This ensures your change efforts are targeted and effective.

The Packages

Project Health Insight™ is offered in three formats. Each includes the core data platform.

Quarterly, 6 month or annual Project health reports.
For project executive teams, project sponsors or boards.
All the data you need to review your projects health and progress.
Deployed across the project life cycle to track progress.

All the access to the platform plus in-depth de-briefing with our expert team. Explore how to use your project health data to improve outcomes.

The Alignment Program
To set up projects for success we have designed a set of workshops ready to implement at key phases. Combined with the features of The PHI+ these workshops are a powerful way to plan for success across the project lifespan.


Why Project
Health Insight™

Times have changed but the data you are collecting hasn’t…

Complex projects are on the rise in the infrastructure, mining and construction sectors. These projects bring together multiple stakeholders to deliver high stakes initiatives, often in difficult conditions.

A high performing human system underpins success in these projects. Project leaders already have sophisticated tools to measure cost, schedule, safety and planning. Project Health Insight™ complements these tools by measuring the culture, alignment and human factors that drive success.

Unique Methodology

  • Designed by on the ground project leaders and project academics.
  • Field tested across multiple international projects.
  • Unique root cause analysis.
  • Turns project people's voices into project improvements.
  • Engages all key stakeholders.
  • Provides an overview of project health through multiple lenses.
  • Dashboards provide project level lens (all organisations) and breakdown of your own organisation's results.


  • Easy and effective employee experience.
  • Brief, simple and in-depth insights.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Modern survey experience. Engaging process and platform.
  • Designed to track your project across time. See how changes impact results each time you deploy.
  • Super-fast pulse checks that can be deployed anytime.
  • Compare your results to Benchmarks of great projects.
  • Great platform and data visualisations.
  • Full service. We look after everything.

Project Health Insight™

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